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In the Garden My Soul is Sunshine


In the Garden My Soul is Sunshine

I’ve been wanting to write a small tribute to someone who has always been an angel here on earth…alas…

A dear friend of mine passed peacefully in her home from Cancer. This is such a tough thing for me to write…as tears begin to form and cloud my vision. However, I know she would not want me to be sad, or anyone to be sad for that matter! It’s just so hard to fathom that this beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde and loving gal is no longer here, and yet… she’s all around me.

So now I am going to celebrate her life as I know she would want it to be a P-A-R-T-Y!  If I could write all the wonderful things about Kim, it would be longer than War & Peace because she was really that cool….that wonderful….and a whole lot of fun.

Kimby EOE (as I liked to call her) was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde from the San Diego area. I designated “Kimby (short for Kimberly) and added “EOE” which stands for “Expert on Everything”. She truly was, no sarcasm….seriously.

She had a wealth of knowledge on a lot of great things and a lot of little things. If there was an unusual plant, she would more than likely know the name. If she heard a certain bird sing their song, she would likely know the name of that bird. Truly talented in the wealth of knowledge…okay…she may not have known EVERYTHING…but she had more knowledge on a subject than just a quick definition.

My dear friend Kim was so vibrant and full of life with a song on her tongue and Christ in her heart, she just made you smile and giggle to see her dance around the kitchen while cleaning or enjoying the morning sunshine in her garden watering the dust away and refreshing her shrubs and flowers.

I learned so much from Kim…so much that many of the things I do today are due to her traditions, kindness and pure enjoyment of life. So what I wanted to do was take a moment and lists some of the wonderful things I’ve learned and taken with me in my life;

  •  Sticky Ghosts (a really cool craft)
  • Start your day early with a cup of coffee…sit outside and enjoy your start of the day
  • You can never have too much Christmas “Crappola” this word was not used negatively (wink wink smiley face). It’s Christmas….decorate every single room in your home!
  • As a matter of fact, you should decorate boisterously for any and all holidays. That’s what storage units are for…to store your holiday “overage” (okay this may not be a word)
  • A homemade or handmade gift is better than any store-bought item
  • Everyday is barbecue day
  • You always have room for one more to join for dinner
  • Anytime is a great time to have a party with family and friends
  • Having game night with family and friends is better than any night out on the town.
  • You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to decorate a room, just be smart, savvy, a little paint and a creative eye for design
  • It’s not old…it’s vintage
  • A staircase in your home is not only for going upstairs but stadium seating to watch the girls dance recitals, plays, vocals or good commentary
  • You can never have too much pink!
  • Country music is so cool… Christian music is awesome!
  • Always do what you can for others in need
  • Even if you hate doing laundry….enjoy that time
  • Don’t ever wish your life away
  • Starbucks is good any time!
  • Four walls and a ton of square footage does not make a house a home
  • Always look for the good in people, sometimes it’s hiding under a lot of junk
  • Live life to its fullest
  • Always keep God/Christ in your heart

Kim has touched so many lives…she volunteered her time for her girls, she cooked many meals for families who were in need due to illness or death. She pulled her wallet out when she may not have enough cash to give to someone in need. She ALWAYS found time to give and to help anyone.

I was always happy and laughing…having a great time when I was with Kim. No matter what we were doing…it was fun. She enjoyed life, she was a happy and beautiful person that I will never ever forget. I am so blessed to have been a part of her life.

She did so much for her family, friends and even strangers in such a short time here on earth. I love you Kimby EOE always and forever.


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We’re moving!!!

Yup…Juan and I are on a new adventure. We are so excited about this next chapter in our lives and we welcome you to enjoy the ride.

We are moving virtually to a new blog site Urban Hobo. Urban Hobo is our new business ventures. We will feature “artful edibles”, handmade and unique gifts. We embrace local and regional styles and flavors. Sure to tantalize your taste-buds and/or add flair to your home. 

We will also keep you posted on events we will be attending….hopefully to meet you in person.

Secondly, Juan and I are heading out of Arizona and back to my home town in Texas. I encourage you to check our new blog site Urban Hobo as I’m sure I will be sharing some of the craziness involved in moving Juan, me, two Dachshunds and a now 32 year old parrot across the states AZ, NM and then TX!

Urban Hobo


Upcoming Artist Equals Cool Furniture

Thinking back on the past…I LOVE the 1960’s and 1970’s style furniture. It had such style and “swankiness” about it. One piece I remember well is a “sweater chest” my father had. It had two sliding doors that opened up and had adjustable shelves for your cool sweaters. I loved when he would open up the sliding door and reveal what super cool style sweater he was pulling out for the day.

I feel at times that we have lost the art of “swankines” when it comes to furniture. Sometimes I feel we are just trying to get the basics accomplished…”Yup, this can hold a lot of stuff!” and call it good.
However, now there are wonderful new artist out that there that are trying to combine small space living, multi-purpose furniture and art all in one…and here is a great piece of furniture created by Edward Taylor that I keep seeing in FX The Business of Design, ICON, AnOffice Magazine, and most recently in Design Milk.

He calls it “The Show Off and it truly is a show piece. What a great way to combine some fun and organization plus “swankiness” in a beautiful piece of furniture. On his website it states…Iit’s quite unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before. What it represents is a new breed of furniture – one that refuses to comply with convention, or adhere to tradition – in order to give you, the user, exactly what you want.
Constructed from oak, walnut, laminate and ply, the Show-off provides the missing link between formal and informal clothing storage. Most at home in the hallway yet able to adapt to any given context, the Show-off is no ordinary cabinet. (taken from his website)

I have to admit…the main storage piece reminds me a lot of my father’s sweater chest….That right there had my attention. Yet the addition of the “tree style” stand really adds some fun and uniqueness to the piece.

I think this is a cool piece that would look great in any room! Be sure you check out his website.


Top Hits for December

And the winner is…….

Wow… it seems like yesterday I was getting ready to put up the tree and plan for the holidays…

Now, all that is left is some sparkle left on the floor that my vacuum refuses to pick up and all the shelves and spots in my home where Christmas lived seem blank….(sigh)

Well, I have listed the top blogs for December and in case you might’ve missed one….here they are.

Urban Hobo Cookies-A Couple of Friends Helping Me Out!

Can your table do this???

Regrets; Juan’s Perspective

Urban-Hobos-Patron Your Local Neighborhood Haunts!

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Juan and I are always interested in anything and everything you have to say! If you have a suggestion or have a home, furniture, art, food, organizational tricks/ideas….you’d like to share, we would love to hear about and post!

Here’s to a hearty, happy, healthy and prosperous 2012!


Who Says You Need Four Legs?

Came across an interesting designer….Caroline Gomez. She is a French designer who has created a collection of furniture that seems to be coming right out of the wall.
The group is called Contre and she has a desk or console, a small table or nightstand and a shelf.
Just by simple design, the pieces lean up against the wall and there is no need to attach unless your wall is not a flat surface. The tension of the piece leaning on the flat surface keeps it in place. Yes, by simple design!
She states “why do you need four legs when the piece is going to lean on the wall?
Be sure to check out her website, Caroline Gomez. I think I’ll have Juan look into this…he’s a pretty good carpenter…maybe he could create something similar…(wink wink smiley face)

"Now This Is Some Amazing Furniture!"

Have you ever played with one of those wooden puzzles? You know the ones that might be shaped like a cube or box and there are intricate wooden pieces that you have to figure how they connect to create the original shape? What was so cool about them were the beautiful colored woods so smooth and the challenges of figuring out where they go!

Take that same amazing talent of a puzzle and create furniture! What do you get??? Claudio Sibille! Claudio is a Uruguayan industrial designer who graduated from IUB (Instituto Universitario Bios) in 2009. He is known and recognized for creating beautiful and unique furniture for small spaces. (From his website)
It is amazing to see this simple “sideboard” looking piece of furniture and watch how it transforms into a desk, two chairs and a file cabinet.

I love the attention to detail where the backs of the chairs has the same pull handles so when placed back into the cabinet it lines up as if there are multiple drawers.

His expertise is furniture and more specifically how to create furniture that is fully functional in limited spaces.
Claudio has been recognized and selected in furniture design contests and you can see why he will be someone we will see more and more of in the future.

Be sure you check out his website….awesome pieces and other neat furniture ideas.


Road Trip!

One of mine and Juan’s favorite traditions is heading to El Paso to visit my girlfriends.

I was born and raised in El Paso, TX and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I had an opportunity to be a part of two cultures….read/write Spanish before English….enjoyed a small town feel in a large city and everyone knew who you were, your parents, who you hung out with AND…if you were doing something you weren’t supposed to, adults would gladly follow up with your parents and not only did you get grounded by the adult who “caught you”…you also got it from Mom and Dad too!

So off I go to visit my three girlfriends’ and their family and will report in on some fun finds along the way.

Happy travels!

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