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You never know what adventure the ride will bring….

An Urban Hobo Adventure

When we set out his morning, we stopped at the gate to decide where we wanted to ride? More to the point, it was a debate over who had the best coffee. Initially I had wanted to pick some place new. A place that might afford us a change in scenery. Ultimately we agreed on one of our usual hangouts (Einstein’s Bagels) because we love their coffee. We did however, decide to explore a new route.
A few minutes into the ride we had to pull over because I wanted to get a picture of my bike. Actually, my new kickstand. (It’s funny how excited I get over a new piece of equipment.) 

Treat #1. The first leg of our trip had us riding directly towards Camelback mountain. The “Praying Monk” was looming larger and larger as we continued on our Easterly course. We rode almost to the base of the mountain. In all my years here in Phoenix, I’ve never been this close to the Monk.
I thought the next leg of our trek was going to be  bit boring as we were riding down the sidewalk, next to the main street. Not too much excitement here. At the first stop-light, Shawn made another route suggestion and had us cut through the Chase parking lot at 44th street and Camelback (a gorgeous Mid-Century Modern  building.) We’ve ridden past here a thousand times and admired the architecture. Today, since it was Sunday,  we were rode on the actual customer sidewalk. Treat #2, a naked lady! Well, a statue of one anyway. There are several statue’s surrounding the perimeter of the bank. I’d never noticed them before. 
You see the most wonderful things from the seat of a bike!

A short time later, we reached our coffee stop. 

Over breakfast we planned out the return route. We were pretty sure where the road would take us, but had never driven/ridden this particular stretch. As we were riding along, enjoying the scenery  we pulled up short! Treat #3. We discovered the coolest statue I’ve ever seen. A life-sized horse made out of every imaginable salvaged item. The individual pieces were not very big, but together they formed the horse. There was even a fresh hay bale! We spent a considerable amount of time examining the statue from all sides. It was fascinating!

Back on the bikes and we continued on our way. Shawn’s guess was correct. We ended up at the intersection of Lincoln Drive and Tatum Boulevard. Treat#4. We stopped off at the Barry Goldwater memorial. It’s pretty cool.
Back on the bikes and heading for home. We had a very fun ride along Lincoln Drive, up and down the hills. What started out to be a routine ride for coffee, turned into a great adventure. An unexpected ART ride! By throwing the planning out the window and looking for any route but the usual, we were treated to some very cool surprises. This was by far the most fun ride we’ve taken in a long time. It just goes to show that you never know what adventure the ride will bring. 

Urban Hobos And 2 iPhones!

As Juan and I continue our adventure in our 9 hundred square foot home (aka right sizing) and becoming a one car family, we are dedicating as much time possible to riding our bikes from getting “here to there”….”Point A to point B”…”Hither and Yon”…(you get the picture)

So we set out early in the AM for some breakfast. It was great as we have been waiting so long for the weather to cool off in AZ and F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the morning was a cool 57 degrees! (For us that’s cold)

Its cathartic…..I flip my leg over the saddle and take that first push off…I am totally free. Free of the week’s stress and worry…free of things I can’t do…because there is one thing for sure…I can ride this bike! It’s so quiet early in the morning. The only thing I hear is the click of the gears advancing and the rhythm of the pedals going round and round.

Also a chance to put our new iphone 4S’s to work. Juan and I are not professional photographers by any means, however, we alwqys have our iPhones on hand what better way to stop and take a few photos. 

Dylans…across from LGO

So off we go to LGO (short for LeGrande Orange) for some hot coffee and a bite to eat. We love the architecture of the midcentury modern buildings here in central Phoenix. Through this corridor are gorgeous homes built in the 1960’s PLUS a lot of great multi-housing spaces which I showcased in an earlier blog (Bicycling In Search Of Small Space Living).

What a beautiful morning and a chance for Juan and I to enjoy a simple lifestyle and plan the rest of our day. Other errands we needed to attack on our bikes OH… and clean the house will be on the list PLUS get the bar-be-que cleaned. The great thing about the house and bar-be-que…it would only take 1 ½ hour at most.

Quick photo stop


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