Juan’s Perspective On The One Car Household

19 Oct

I got my driver’s license when I was 15 ½. I bought my first car when I was 16. Since then I’ve owned a couple more (okay, 38 at last count). As much as I love cars, I’ve been advocating that we become a one car family for several years now. Shawn was less than enthusiastic at first!

Shawn and I began working together in February of 2005. At that point, one of our cars always remained in the garage as we carpooled. In 2008, we began to occasionally ride a bike to work (one or both of us). Bicycle commuting has since become a passion (when the temperature is bearable). So over time, we decreased our need for two cars even further.

Last year when we moved to Central Phoenix, we lost our garage, so one of the cars was relegated to the carport and the other to the extra (uncovered) space. At this point, the idea of selling one of our cars began to build momentum. I had a full-size truck and Shawn had a Mini Cooper. With gas prices nearing $4.00 per gallon, you can guess which vehicle remained in the parking lot most often. This past summer we officially became a one car family. I have to say, I haven’t missed the second car one bit! Less maintenance, insurance, etc. One less headache.

Living in Central Phoenix gives us greater access to the places we’ve always frequented. We tend to drive even less now, because we can ride our bikes more often. Monday through Thursday we drive to the office. Friday’s we work from home. Saturday and Sunday we try to keep the car parked and ride our bikes as much as possible. Before you start commending our efforts to save the planet or start labeling us as tree-huggers, I must confess. Our primary desire to ride our bikes is born out of a passion for riding. The environmental aspect is an added bonus.

The bottom line is this, selling my car did not send my world spinning out of control. If anything, my quality of life has improved. As I stated, one less headache.


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