Thinking “Small Space” At a Very Early Age

01 Sep

At 16 years old, what were you thinking about? Seriously…what was on your mind? Was college? Having a home? Having no mortgage? Not me! I was enjoying the fruits and labor of Mom and Dad “officially” being able to drive legally. (Okay, I used to sneak the car out at night when my parents were out for dinner or out of town and yes…I had no license).

All I was thinking about was the fun I was having driving, friends and family fun…the latest fashion and cool stuff I could buy. Yes, high school was mixed in there but to me that was fun! Loved school and I made good grades but I will be honest with you, I was NOT thinking about my immediate future which was just around the corner as in college…let along buying or having a house in the future.

The other day, I came across the coolest group of people and their website *Fair Companies. *faircompanies is a free resource to help you act responsibly, an independent website with information and tools on sustainability. They have great resources and videos that really meet my passion, small spaces. Kirsten Dirksen along with Nicolas Boullas have dedicated themselves to talk about green products, ethical consumption, clean technologies, social responsibility, ethical investment, and related topics. (Taken directly from their website)

I encourage you to visit their website and see what people are doing out there to live a smaller, simpler and mindful life.

In the meantime….please check out this video created by *faircompanies about Austin Hay who is 16 years old and building his future home.


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